MSSA: The Final Chapter

Hey folks! I missed posting again last week, but I found myself quite busy finishing up some things for retirement and finalizing our group project and my personal project for the MSSA program. So for this week’s blog post, I will cover the last 2 weeks of the MSSA program. I will also briefly talkContinue reading “MSSA: The Final Chapter”

Week 14: One Month to Go!

Hey folks! Great news, I am on time this week with my post! I was able to knock out all of my homework early and enjoyed the weekend with all of the kiddos, so I didn’t have to spend Sunday night pouring over books and figuring out why my applications were not running…This week, someContinue reading “Week 14: One Month to Go!”

MSSA Week 13

Hey folks! I am a few days behind on this post, and for that I apologize…it has been another rather hectic week/weekend! As we get further into the program, my days seem to get a little longer, even when we have few assignments…That being said, I am still loving every second it! This week, weContinue reading “MSSA Week 13”


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Hey folks! My name is Dave, and I am a transitioning Marine after almost 21 years of service. I am looking to move into the IT sector upon my retirement from the Marines, focusing on either software development, cloud administration, or cyber security. I started this blog at the beginning of my military transition and love sharing information that can help my fellow veterans succeed when they move back into the civilian world.

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